The writer has collated this material from his own experience in practice, but it should not be forgotten that headaches and migraines presents themselves in other conditions. It should be understood that chronic headaches, sinus or migraines may have serious causes and your Doctor should be consulted to eliminate these possibilities. This book contains the writers experience on dealing with headaches and migraines resulting from a number of common causes. This book should not be used in place of a qualified medical practitioner - who should always be consulted - and is not meant for self diagnosis. That being said, information in this book is meant to be used to help the millions of people who experience common headaches and migraines, usually caused by nutritional deficiencies, rather than just being a reference book. It's designed for use in conjunction with the services provided by physicians practicing in natural medicine. Readers are urged to develop a good relationship with a physician knowledgeable in natural and preventative medicine, such as a naturopathic physician. Commit yourself to following the guidelines of Beating Headaches & Migraines as outlined in this handbook and may your health flourish. The writer is always interested to hear from you if you have any questions and can be contacted at

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